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I'm Chris, call me CK.

Samarinda-based Designer and Illustrator.

Ciputra University’s VCD Graduate and Apple Developer Academy @UC Cohort 2022 Alumni.

Fascinated by technology, driven design and innovations. Don’t get me started on Pokemon, thriller movies, lo-fi, and ice cream.



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UX Design, Product Development

A dyslexic friendly interactive game app for kids 3-9 years old that helps improve executive functions and practice thinking skills.



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UX Design, Product Development

An iOS game app that aims to help college students looking to improve their vocabulary through a word guessing and word describing game.


- Under Construction -


Talent Class UI_UX 2021 Certificate CKS
ADA 2022 Certificate CKS
Koma 2020 Presenter Certificate CKS
DEA Gojek Copywriting Certificate CKS

Hello there!

I’m Christopher Kevin Setiawan. I’ve been interested in drawing since a young age, and eventually took visual communication design as a major back in university. In my spare time, I draw, play games, listen to pop music, and learn Japanese.

My priority is to become an all-rounder designer who combines design, tech, and illustrations to solve problems, especially in the education field. I value a supportive environment where personal growth is encouraged and new things can be learned.

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